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  • GloFish Ornament Skull Tank Accessory
  • GloFish Ornament Skull Tank Accessory
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GloFish Ornament Skull Tank Accessory

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The GloFish® Ornaments provides an ideal hiding place for your GloFish—helping to reduce stress. These ornaments feature swim holes perfectly sized for your GloFish to swim through as well as a silvery finish that reflects GloFish LED lights; making it the perfect addition to any GloFish tank!

Why We Love It:

  • Designed to create a clorful wonderland for your fish and stand out beautiful
  • Provide an ideal, stress-free hiding place for GloFish
  • Some designs available in small and large sizes.

About GloFish

Add a splash of eye-popping to your tank or dive into a complete GloFish® tank conversion. With GloFish® fluorescent fish and our full line of GloFish products, you can breathe new life into your tank, and your love of the hobby!


GloFish Ornament Skull Tank AccessoryGloFish Ornament Skull Tank Accessory