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  • Fuzzu Kitty Ka-BOOM! Organic Catnip
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Fuzzu Kitty Ka-BOOM! Organic Catnip

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Sprinkle a bit of nip into our Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet, onto a scratch mat or climb structure to stir things up.
To perk up old cat toys, rub a pinch of loose catnip into them, or shake up a bag of toys & nip.
Plunk a pinch of nip onto an uncarpeted floor to get the cat and the party rolling." "HEY, THIS IS GOOD STUFF! Our catnip contains only the choicest parts of the plant where the highest concentration of oils are junky fillers or extra additives. It’s good stuff and your kitty will thank you!
HERE’S THE SCOOP: Catnip is an herb in the mint family that has a curious effect on about 85% of adult felines. One whiff and those lucky kitties are transported to a super-frisky state of enthusiastic play.
NON-TOXIC: 100% pure catnip. This is the same powerful stuff we put in our drool-inducing cat toys!" "We design FUZZU toys with original artwork that's colorfully printed onto durable fabric. This distinctive style is blended with our unique brand of humor. Original packaging with a whimsical illustrated story is an added enhancement of each toy. 
Created with originality, colorful detail, durability, quality materials and an irresistible sense of humor, FUZZU toys are for pets and for you!"


Certified US Organic Catnip
Fuzzu Kitty Ka-BOOM! Organic Catnip